Tracking Solutions

Secure Solution web based integrated satellite and GSM tracking solution, compatible with modern web browsers and works on a multilingual platform that brings together all the positions of every manufactured product under one location and displays and manages them in a single unified interface. With Secure Solutions, asset locations and movements – including position, speed, altitude and heading including panic button- are tracked in real-time worldwide via GPS updates.

Secure Solution Application Benefits

Site Administration Panel
Easily track and even command devices wherever you are, whenever you want, with mobile GPS tracking applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry — or even track the mobile devices themselves. Either way, keep on the move with Secure Solutions.
Dispatchers who use our platform can easily determine the resource that is closest to a given location. More efficient deployment can help companies save money on fuel and give their employees more time to accomplish their goals.
Open Layer Integration
We offer users choice for map layout and items displayed. With Open Layer, users have the choice of what kind of map service to use and what kinds of layers are used.
With the trip creation feature dispatchers can create routes for vehicles based on mapping data. Dispatchers can monitor these routes and new locations can be added as the trip goes on.


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