Vessel Monitoring Solution

Vessel Monitoring Solution

The Secure Solution VMS is a complete Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) which enables fishing vessels to comply with European regulations by allowing governmental authorities to monitor and track vessels via satellite that are operating within regulated Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). Designed for the tough marine environment, the SS-VMS Satellite Beacon Transponder meets worldwide regulations and will transmit the vessel’s ID, position, course and speed to the authorities. Data is transferred to the Fisheries Monitoring Centres via Secure Solution VMS Marine Solutions dedicated infrastructure platform, which is secured using encryption, ensuring total data confidentiality.
  • Customizable Dashboard

  • Live Monitoring Screen

  • Event List including Message and Incidents

  • Incident Acknowledgement

  • Searchable Area

  • Asset Type definition

  • Integrated Device List

  • Group Asset Mapping

  • Active Geo-fences

  • Event Classification

  • POI Management

  • Escalation Management

  • Tablet – Fish Management Software

  • Reports Management

  • Active Fish Management

Key features:

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Low power consumption
  • Inbuilt backup battery
  • True global monitoring via Inmarsat satellite communications network
  • Transmits vessel ID, position, speed and course
  • Position data storage
  • Dedicated VMS server with secure encryption of data
  • Remote polling and modification of frequency that messages are transmitted
  • Advanced management of power supply modes - normal or battery mode
  • Power supply failure, satellite link failure and intrusion detection alarms
  • 24hr customer support helpline
  • Role Based Access
  • Trip/Journey Management
  • Two-way Communication between assets and Control Center
  • Bi-directional SOS Feature
  • History Replay and Report
  • Searchable Area and Report
  • Tusami Alert

Events Management

  • Categorize event into message and Incident
  • Color code for message and incidents
  • Classification Incident with priority
  • Configure Escalation Matrix for each classification
  • Incident resolution
  • Incident Acknowledgement

    Real-time tracking and monitoring

    • On-Asset software
    • Asset Location
    • Software SOS
    • Fish Management
    • Two-way communication
    • Broadcast message (from Control Center)
    • Event Listing

      Detailed Report and Analytics - (Scheduled and Adhoc)

      • Asset Analytics
      • Driver Analytics
      • Trip Report
      • Event Report
      • Geofence Report
      • Other customizable report (as needed)

        Fish Management (On server)

        • Fish Aggregation Alert
        • Fish Catch, Transfer
        • Fish table Sync
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